Beau Necco- Focused on Building Families

Beau Necco – Building Families and Making a Difference

Edward “Beau” Necco is the brain behind the company, Necco. He obtained an MBA degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, and a BA degree in philosophy with a capstone certification in International Business Administration from the Ohio State University.
Beau Necco’s Early Childhood
Growing up in Appalachia, Beau Necco was fortunate enough to be brought up in an educated and enlightened family. His father was a university professor who taught child behavior disorder courses while his mother was a social justice advocate who spearheaded Head Start programs in West Virginia.
Social justice was a prolific conversation topic as Beau grew up. He watched both of his parents fight to help the well-being of at-risk children. This upbringing influenced Beau’s passion for the child welfare and foster care system.
The Early Years of Necco
Beau initially set up shop and started Necco in a small office that he rented for 100 dollars a month in Huntington, WV back in 1996. He only had a small group of employees to rely on at the start. Beau Necco lived with his parents and did not take home a paycheck in those early days – but he was fulfilled knowing he had the potential to change the face of child welfare.
In order to expedite the progress of his organization, Necco secured a U.S. Small Business Administration loan guarantee and was able to place its first child into foster care on January 29, 1997.
Success in Social Change
After Necco placed its first child into foster care, the rest is history. The company grew at an alarming rate and has been able to touch the lives of children and families across multiple state lines. Looking at Necco now, they:
Have over 650 employees
Have contracts with over 2,000 foster parents in 22 locations
Provide services in four states.
Have built over 25,000 families and facilitated more than 5,000 adoptions

For his work in privatizing foster care, Beau has been awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by the SBA and the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.
Beau Necco’s dedication and passion for social change has made a substantial impact on thousands of lives and sparked social awareness and change for the well-being of children.

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