Wedding Photography in Cincinnati

Summer in Cincinnati can be such a great time of year for outdoor activities.  There are a lot of hidden and historical aspects to the city that most people don’t have any idea exist.  One of the great things to do is to head to Alms park for a picnic lunch and possibly catch the tail end of the golden hour to get a gorgeous photo of that beautiful sun setting beyond the treeline.  


Another activity you can put on your short list is the brand new cable car ride through the city of Cincinnati’s streets.  Having been revived from decades ago, the cable car is one of the exciting new elements Cincinnati has to offer as it continues to crusade through it’s revival years.  There are have been so many investors and well-wishers who have poured love back into the city to see if restored to its prior glory, and reclaim its nickname; Queen City.


If you are hoping to catch a Reds game, you’re in luck!  They are not very good this year! Joking aside, this early in the season it would not be difficult at all to score 2-4 great seats in the lower deck of Great American Ballpark for a fairly modest investment.  You’d be looking somewhere around $35.00 per ticket, but would most certainly find yourself in either foul-ball or homerun territory. You would be able to treat yourself to a Skyline Chili three-way and a Graeter’s ice cream cone while watching the Redlegs take on division rivals.  Careful though… during those summer months, that ice cream will melt faster than you can eat it, and you’ll be cleaning black raspberry chocolate chunk off your arms before you can say “Cracker Jack”.


In terms of shopping, Cincinnati has a few great places to visit.  Due to it being so close to Kentucky, a few of the prime locations for shopping are right across the river.  Newport on the Levy is a good place to spend some money, but mostly for the attractions. It has a movie theatre, adult arcade, several great places to eat, and above all, Cincinnati’s aquarium.  The Newport aquarium is home to all kinds of great marine animals, including a brand new baby sea turtle named Frank! Among the fish, there are manatees, penguins, crocs, and many more reptilian/amphibious creatures!  If you head North from there, another great shopping area is Rookwood Commons. In Rookwood Commons you will find stores like Nike, Ulta, Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack, and tons of others. The next, and probably most popular place in Cincinnati to shop, is Kenwood Mall.  As retail goes, Kenwood mall is royalty. You will find virtually everything here including an Apple Store.


If you are looking for life services, Cincinnati has so much to offer.  Anything from financial planning to home building to wedding photography, there is a great network of providers located right here in the city.  Due to its unassuming size, Cincinnati has thrive economically in a great way that comparable cities have been unable to, and has been the host of 2 major league franchises, as well as several other minor league teams.  In the surrounding area there is a healthy legacy of industry and commerce that has led to Cincinnati being a great place to live and grow.


Please reach out to Sarah Beth Sutter Photography if you have any additional questions on the city of how we can be of any assistance!

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